Organization activities strategy for 2011-2013

Presently Russian cultural politics requires reconsideration and elaboration of new point of view as well as of contemporary development models. The most demanded topic is creation of conception about scales and activity types in the regions.

In Russia culture is observes as instrumental adjunct to realization of other spheres’ strategies, for example, of economic development. Meanwhile this approach as well as existing model of centralized relations “capital-region” is getting less and less effective with time. In regions there appear new effective practices and models ready to be distributed to other regions and towns. But nowadays these are only single examples.

Exactly because of these main strategic directions of ACM activity for the nearest 3 years will be devoted to creation of new expert community of cultural managers and to elaboration of common inter-regional and international projects as well as to exposure of opinion leaders in the regions who can present their best experience in project realization.

One of the most important objectives is to integrate regional opinion leaders into our professional community. ACM membership creates wide possibilities for development on professional and corporative level as well as becomes an important reputational element for an individual manager and for organization and administrative board.


ACM activities direction for the nearest period:

  • To create stable membership organization of cultural managers from various regions;
  • To form partnership regional, inter-regional and international projects and to create possibilities for ACM members participation;
  • To lobby ACM members interests and to influence changes in cultural and political situation in the regions;
  • To create informational and analytical platform which will form a new concept of cultural policy that will coincide with main principles and objectives of ACM 
  • To create a system of recommendations in the area of individual and corporative partnership in socio-cultural projects for international funds and agencies in the framework of ACM.


ACM offers services for members and partners

  • Expert consultations;
  • Informational support of projects;
  • Recommendations for participation in international internship program;
  • Presentation and support of interest on regional level.