Educational and research project "Creative south"

Educational and research project "Creative south". 
Cultural and symbolic reasources of the southern region of russia

Objectives: to create discussion grounds for consideration of socio-cultural sphere development in the South of Russia; development of administrative competences of regional cultural managers; links setting between projects and cultural organizations of the South.

Regional coverage: Stavropol, Taganrog, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Volgograd, Sochi, Astrakhan, Vladicaucasus, Pyatigorsk
Participants: representatives of cultural organizations, state administration, local administration, public organizations, students and professors of universities, independent creative professionals.

“Creative South. Cultural and symbolic resources of the Southern region of Russia” project was supported by OSI Assistance Foundation and realized from October, 25, 2009 to December, 1, 2010.

Project mission is to form cultural integrity of the southern region. Project idea was to conduct a series of educational sessions and discussions on different grounds of the Southern region of Russia aimed at development of network partnership between cultural managers and organizations of the southern region beyond administrative borders.

Project events “Creative South. Cultural and symbolic resources of the Southern region of Russia”

  • December, 4-6, 2009. Stavropol. Project-analytical seminar “Territory image”
  • April, 7, 2010. Volgograd. Round-table discussion “Cultural and symbolic resources and new cultural initiatives in the strategy of Volgograd region development”;
  • April, 27, 2010. Rostov-on-Don. Round-table discussion “Urban environment – space for cultural projects”;
  • April, 28-30, 2010. Taganrog. Project-analytical seminar “Urban environment – space for cultural projects realization”;
  • June, 9, 2010. Krasnodar. Round-table discussion “Cultural environment of the South: quo vadis?”;
  • November, 5, 2010.Pyatigorsk. Open lecture of international comic stories festival ComMission curator;
  • November, 10, 2010.Sochi. Round-table discussion “Cultural environment of the city and city development”;
  • November, 25, 2010. Vladicaucasus. Open lecture by V. Glazychev;
  • November, 29, 2010. Astrakhan. Seminar “Cultural mapping: analysis region cultural resources”.