All-Russia grant contest of museum projects “changing museum in a changing world”

Contest is organized by Potanin Fund, Russian Federation Ministry of Culture with operational management of Professional association of cultural managers (ACM).

Contest objectives: to create conditions for realization of active and creative museum specialists’ potential, to assist professional growth and museum community consolidation.

Contest nominations:

  • Museum and tourism technologies,
  • Museum and new educational programs,
  • Partnership museum projects,
  • Museum exposition technologies,
  • Museum researches,
  • Socio-oriented projects,
  • Author’s nomination.

Grant funding is 15 400 000 RUR. Grant maximum amount – 700 000 RUR, in Author’s nomination – 1 000 000 RUR

In 2011 there were registered 411 applications for the contest from 74 Russian regions.
Winners of VIII contest “Changing museum in a changing world” will be presented in mid-June. Simultaneously contest jury will present their decision on funding amounts for each project-winner.

In 2011 Potanin Fund and British Council continue the program of study visits for Russian museum specialists to the Great Britain. This program is targeted talented museum specialists aimed at professional growth. Museums – participants of “Changing museum in a changing world” grant contest present their specialist to take part in this program.  In May, 2011 6 specialist from Karelia, Yakutiya, Perm region, Khanty-Mansyisk region, Pskov region and Tver region will visit British museums.